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Single Origin Coffee from Sidama Bona, Ethiopia

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Our Coffee from Sidama Bona


Our Coffee

Outgrowers & Coffee Varieties

The Following is Information about outgrowers from whom Ayele Tulu Washing Station procures coffee cherries and types of coffee varieties those outgrowers cultivate.
Number of Outgrowers 600 contacted farmers
Altitude of Farming Areas 2,000 ~ 2,340 masl (metres above sea level)
Cultivating Coffee Species Coffea arabica
Cultivating Varieties Jimma Agricultural Research Centre 1974/75 CBD-Resistant Selections 74110, 74112, 74158, 74165, 7440
No pesticides or agricultural chemicals are used.


Traceability & Sustainability

The origin of the coffee we supply can be traced back to our washing stations (Single Origin). Processing of coffee using coffee cherries from a specific individual farm (Single Farm) can also be arranged.
For the washing process, we use fresh water from rivers (e.g. Daddaye River) running through the areas where our washing stations are located.

Daddaye River

As a unique point to mention, on some farms, local trees called “False Bananas” (also called Ethiopian Bananas or Abyssinian Bananas) play the role of shade trees, which are important for the growth of the coffee cherries. The fibre in the stem of the false banana tree is a main ingredient in Qocho (Kocho), Sidama’s traditional food and is a vital source of nutrition for the local people.

False Banana



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