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Our Coffee from Sidama Bona


Our Operation

Coffee Washing Stations (Coffee Processing Facility)

Among the 12 washing stations we operate in the Sidama Region, 6 are located in Bona Zuria. There are 15 washing stations in the district including 9 which are run by others. All these washing stations are located at the altitude of around 2,100 metres above sea level.
The following is a profile of the Ayele Tulu Washing Station we operate.


Region Sidama
Zone Bona Zuria
Village (Kebele) Demeka Becha
Nearest Major City Hawassa (106km)
Altitude 2,190 masl (metres above sea level)


Site Area 5 hectares
Year of Establishment 2014
Main Processing Methods Natural / Washed
Other (Processing) Methods Semi Washed (Pupled Natural) (Honey)
Anaerobic Fermentation
Number of Contracted Farmers 600 outgrowers (coffee farmers)

Ayele Tulu Washing Station is the home of our Bona Zuria coffee. It is located at the height of 2,190 metres above sea level, which is one of the highest among all existing washing stations in the country.

Coffee Processing

Coffee cherries are brought to the washing station by our contracted outgrowers.
When we process Washed (Wet Processed) coffee, we pulp the cherries using an Agared Disc Pulper. Then, the pulped cherries are fermented for approximately 48~72 hours.
They are then placed on raised African beds with shades designed to ensure proper air circulation and temperature control for an optimal drying process in which the shades help the coffee to dry slowly.
They are regularly raked and sorted to preserve the high natural quality of the coffee. The coffee beans processed at the station are stored in a local warehouse.
After the moisture content of the coffee beans is reduced to between 11.5% and 12.0%. the beans are transported to Addis Ababa where they are milled and processed for export.

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